Chicas Brillantes is a group for girls from 8 to 17 (I couldn’t turn the younger ones away…you try doing it!). We hang out and talk about health, values, family, friendship, love, gender and anything else that comes up. Recently we watched Mean Girls or, Chicas Malas, to talk about what it means to be friends with other girls.

Boy, is writing boring! Enjoy some pictures!


A special night class!

DSCF3981 DSCF3983 DSCF3985

Showing off their decorated diaries!

DSCF3986 DSCF3988

Painting nails during a thunderstorm.


Our group contract.

DSCF3994 DSCF3995 DSCF3996

Every week we focus on one word and then add it to the charla paper.


Being a goofball.


The girls who were on time for group! A miracle!

DSCF4232 DSCF4234 DSCF4236 DSCF4237  DSCF4239 DSCF4240 DSCF4241 DSCF4242

An evening photo shoot they decided to have while I was cleaning my house. Cool guys.