It’s now happened so many times I almost didn’t post it because it seems unimportant, but the first time, I was delighted by it, and now I just want to remember it.

Tal was headed to the capital but needed to get a few receipts to his site, hours away and in the other direction. He asked me to pass the receipts to Censo who drives to a nearby town and a mysterious ‘Tony’ from Tal’s site would find Censo in the town, get the receipts, and bring them to Tal’s site.

“Tony will be waiting in the park,” Tal explained. Mind you, the park is larger than a city block.

“Does he have a phone?”


In lieu of a number,Tal gave me a description of Tony and I folded the receipts inside of a piece of blank paper and wrote the description (blond, red motorcycle) on the outside so that I could give Censo something to go on.               

I went on a run in the direction Censo comes from and flagged down his truck. As I handed off the papers I wondered if it would ever get where it was supposed to. I felt like I worked for some kind of private mail service specializing in the rural Dominican.

Tony got the receipts. There was not a single problem. I know think it´s silly I was ever skeptical.