It´s the kind of feeling you get after running for 20 minutes and you realize you´re not tired and you actually have barely tapped into the energy you have and suddenly you feel strong and your legs are their own entity and want to move, flex, jump. You run until you are covered in sweat and everything hurts. And you feel good, and alive. 

I am in the pueblo. I headed out to connect to a world, via the intenet and a lunch date with a fellow PCV, where not only do people make eye contact with me when they tell stories, and like for a good percentage of the time, but where I am looked to to tell stories! Imagine that! Once upon a time I was a story teller. ¨No Laura, you tell it.¨ No one in my site has ever uttered those words. 

But driving away from my tiny town tucked into the sleepy valley, as the pick up truck creeped over the muddy hills heading towards…here, I felt lighter. I was alone in the back of the pick up. I could´ve perhaps shoved a space for myself in the cab but why would I waste the opportunity for such delicious freedom whipping my hair around and lovingly burning my cheeks and arms. 

Let me attempt to catch you up on what has gone down.