It has been officially an embarrassingly long time since I last posted. May 1st I believe. Since then my parents visited, I turned 23, I visited the United States and watched a few of the best friends I´ve ever had collect their degrees, Justin Steele came to visit, I am about to graduate a group of health promoters in my community, I have started a group for girls in my site, and my sister Lisa got engaged!

Sometimes, as my life gets busy and moments I wish I had written down fly by, I start to think about just scrapping the blog. Why worry about it? But I already mourn the blogposts that could have been so I know that I couldn’t go the next year and pico without at least making a good faith effort to document it without having to deal with a whole bunch of regret. One of my least favorite feelings.

I will sometimes even narrate what the ridiculous thing I am doing as if I were going to write it down. But as always, life happens and the moment gets lost as I scurry around.

So let´s give this another go and see what happens. 

Pictures to come!