My sister is engaged and I am beyond happy! Happy doesn’t do it. I’m over the moon! GIDDY. It was one of the greatest moments of our sisterhood when she called me as I sat on Leah´s balcony to tell me that Chris proposed to her on their balcony.


I wrote this on the whiteboard on the wall of my house so that I remember what is important. 

And I will end this spurt of blog posts on this note because this is where I am, emotionally and mentally.

I’m in love with my family and the people I’ve surrounded myself by and in a few months Lisa will be here and I will have been in Bananas for a year. Officially passing the half way point. Here’s to bringing it home strong.

Now enough of that talk. It´s way too soon to think like that!

My love to you, off to catch a guagua.