This is something I found written on a piece of scratch paper from after my week back in the States. I thought I´d include it even though it´s not the most exhilarating piece…I was going to expand on it but I´m not really in that mindset any more, Thank God, so I didn´t think it´d be honest or fair to myself at that time. 


I’m better at my life there. My life there is so exciting. To try it on for a week, I was so good at it. This has made me stronger, cooler, more interesting, easier to get along with etc. It’s tempting to want to be there I guess.

Life here can be empty so easily. I can stay in my house. And I’m far, far away.

I lose motivation quickly. If no one’s there to keep the spark alive, it fades quickly.

I’m lazy. I lose it.