So much has been happening, but one thing that hasn’t been happening is diligent blog writing. I am leaving the PC office today and hitchin’ a ride back to Banana Town. But I felt guilty leaving my blog so bare so here’s an update of sorts.


1. I am very close to moving into my own house! The house is done and waiting for me. I’m basically just waiting on final approval from PC security.


Me in front of my house. – Photograph by Anna Roser


Me and Bekah checking out my house! Note the freshly poured concrete floors. – Photograph by Anna Roser


My stove and oven!!, which is now painted and lovely. – Photograph by Anna Roser


2. In case you didn’t catch on by my mentioning their names, Anna and Bekah came to visit!! It was the most lovely week and showing them around my site was probably more fun than sipping cocktails on beautiful beaches, which we also did. Let’s just say it’s a close call.


Anna, me, and Bekah in the Colonial Zone.


Anna and Bekah on my host family’s porch in Bananas.


Me opening the enormous bag my parents sent to me along with Bekah and Anna. Best Christmas presents ever!Image

Thank you Jane and Robin!


Bekah, me, and Anna on the beach!


3. We’re fixing the water system in Bananas. Which means my days are long and I spend them with pickax in hand. But it’s fun and soon, si Dios quiere, every house in Bananas will have water in a tap in their very own backyard.


Working in the mountains with water sources!


4. Kenzie came to visit along with the Rotary clubs of St. Cloud, MN and the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo to help us with the water project.  Kenzie is as wonderful as everyone said. She spent her spring break working along side the community. I seriously miss her already and am trying to convince her to come back.


The long, long road to Los Guineos (which isn’t always paved).


5. As soon as we start tank week, 5 simultaneous days which will produce the new water tank that will serve the 45 houses that do not have water, I will be starting my health groups: Escojo mi vida (I choose my life!) and Hogares saludables (Healthy homes). I will be working in my community and nearby communities as well. I am also working with the Youth initiative Chicas brillantes (Glow girls) to develop life skills in girls and young women.


Inspirational photographs!


6. The above point explains why my life is being eaten by grant writing.


Waiting on the highway to catch a ride towards the beach.


7. In May my mom and dad will be here and I will turn 23 years old.


^Looking old.


8. I am happy, doing well, and I love my site. I have the best and most supportive family and friends.


Me and Leah! I got to tag along on her family vacation!


Me and Anna kickin’ it on my porch!