When I was asked if I’d like to give two horses a bath I assumed we would have buckets of water and soap and combs and, I don’t know, horse-sized towels. Looking back, I’m not sure where I thought these items would materialize or where this would take place. We were embarrassingly close to the little river that a lot of people dump trash into before I realized that the bathing would take place there. And that’s how I ended up at the river with two horses, the owner, 3 boys, and my neighbor’s huge St. Bernard.

“Um…I didn’t know we would be in a river. Why did you tell me not to change out of these jeans? I’m not going to be able to help!”

“You wanted to help?”

“Yeah! That’s why I came! You asked me!”

“Oh, I meant like…to watch…”

He paused, thinking, and then took off his athletic shorts and tossed them to me, now wearing only his boxers.

I held them for a long moment and then wandered away to put on the shorts. Suddenly I heard shouts and looked up to see a horse bolting towards me, followed by the St. Bernard, followed by the owner in his underwear.

“What’s happening?!” I yelled.

He yelled something at me in Spanish but I had no idea what he’d said and he quickly disappeared into the trees, running after his horse.

“Do you want your shorts back?” I called after him, to no response.

I waded into the river where the three boys were standing around the other horse.

“The dog bit her [the horse],” they explained.

I looked up to see the horse take off down the dirt road. A few moments later the scantily clad owner sprinted past.

At this point I was laughing so hard I was almost in tears.

After a few minutes he came back, horse in hand.

The dog was tied up.

The horses were bathed.