When sitting in groups chatting, people just bring me fried yuca balls, or glasses of hot milk with soft bread, or sweet pineapple, steaming cups of coffee, or a batida de lechoza. Or maybe they call over the amigovio of the 17-year-old daughter to scale the coconut tree, which was not short, and knock down coconuts that the women then hacked open with machetes with alarmingly accurate aim.

Of course there are many times when I go to someone’s house and there is no food, but sometimes there is! It can be exciting! But when you’re full it’s like Russian Roulette because if they do have food, you have to eat it. Like when Juana had made a really delicious soup but eating it was the worst! After I took a few bites and put down the spoon and she looked hurt and asked if that was all I was going to eat. So I ate half of what was in the bowl and walked home holding my stomach.