My town doesn’t sell chocolate. Well, one colmado sells these little cubes of a grainy chocolate paste that is used to make a great hot chocolate but I’ve never had to resort to it. However, my friend told me that while they’re a little strange, you get used to the texture (and also that it should be eaten in one sitting because of the impossibility of saving it from ants).

When I went to the capital one weekend I bought a Snickers Almond. That was a Friday. I didn’t eat it that weekend and I’d meant to buy a more lasting source of chocolate but I didn’t really have time or rather I didn’t make the time because I was also thinking that by doing so I’d only be worsening my addiction to it because if it’s in my room I’m going to eat it.

So then I got back to my home and while unpacking it hit me that I had one chocolate bar to last me for the following two weeks – half of a month! – which was the next time I’d leave my site. I have probably never in my life gone two weeks without chocolate.

Here is the attempt I made to ration the chocolate bar:

Monday: I still didn’t eat any of it, but I check on it sometimes. I’m afraid it will melt in the heat.

Tuesday: I took one bite of the chocolate bar.

Wednesday: I took one bite of the chocolate bar. Well two tiny bites. But the way this is going it’s about more than half left and I think I can make it through the weekend.

Thursday: I just ate all of it.