I woke up a little before 7 and heard people talking outside. Which is unusual. People don’t really hang out in the streets until later.

I walked outside and headed over to stand with my aunts.

Here’s a brief summary of what happened:

Sunday evening a bus drove through our town. To give you an idea of how small our town is, lots of people noticed the bus. Yeah, like people can recognize every vehicle.

Inside the bus were four men and sometime in the night they slaughtered five cows grazing in a field and took all the meat they could. Sometime before dawn a boy saw the blood and bones of the carcasses and I’m assuming told quite a few people because word got around.

One man called the police in a town between our campo and the capital.

It wasn’t until that afternoon that I heard that the police had stopped the guagua and shot all four men. Two died and two are still in the hospital.

I couldn’t even believe what was going on so I called my friend Leah because I needed some same-culture reflection and the ease of English. I told her what happened and then went on to say how detrimental losing a cow, let alone two or more, would be to the survival of a family here.

“Yeah, I’m still stuck on the police shooting all of them,” Leah said, interrupting my tangent.

“Right? Thank you!”

I had wanted to ask how people in my community felt about it but I hadn’t been sure how to broach the subject. When I finally asked a friend in my community how the police could just shoot people, she explained that a law was passed here that gives police the right to shoot criminals.

Well that’s good to know. Shoplifting isn’t worth it, guys!