I had rationed my chocolate to die out on my last day in site. So as I packed for the capital, I happily munched on the last packet of terrible/addictive chocolate cookies. I felt the tiny tickle of ants on my arm. I brushed them off. Where are these coming from? I wondered, still happily munching. But still more ants. I looked at the wrapper. Had ants smelled the food through the wrapper and because of this were covering the wrapper and I’d simply not noticed? I turned it over, looking. I didn’t see any ants. I kept munching, but I was unsure now.

Then I felt that thing that comes before the awful discovery.  I KNOW you know what I mean. It’s like a heart murmur, or a lightning bolt, or a flicker of doubt, or however you want to describe it.

I picked up a cookie and looked at it. I was very still. I didn’t see any movement. I waited and then I saw it. Ants. IN THE COOKIES. INSIDE THE COOKIES. THAT I’D BEEN EATING. I ATE FOUR ANT COOKIES. WHO WOULD EVER THINK THAT THERE WAS A TINY HOLE IN THE PACKET THAT THE ANTS HAD FOUND AND THEN SET UP A TINY TOWN INSIDE THE COOKIES?  I swear, I could feel one in a back tooth where I’d munched it to death, happily.