Here’s a taste of a few typical hours in my life. Now it’s almost like we spent them together:


I was wandering around because, well, I have no guidance in life right now so that’s just kind of my normal state, and I ran into these kids who gave me oranges they had just plucked from the forest like resourceful scavengers. Then they thanked me for…taking their oranges, I guess. They’re 12. You’ve got to be kidding me. I was the worst human at that age. There are so many good kids here. I hope I’ll remember them/these moments when I attempt to teach them something one day and instead of listening they put erasers up their nose or whatever else is cool these days.


I then photographed them and they posed like this.

Back to my walk, you’re distracting me. So then I just started walking down this road where a town is about an hour away and then I thought, Might as well walk for an hour and then turn around and walk an hour home!


After about 15 minutes I passed this nice looking older man sitting on a stopped motorcycle so I immediately worried that he might try to murder me. Which I think is just my normal paranoid state. Then I noticed his gun that was tucked into his nice pants. “Hello!” he called to me. I smiled hugely and nervously, “Er hello!” “How are you?” he asked. “Good, thanks be to God!” I said brightly, hoping that he might be Catholic and because of the shout out to God, decide against shooting me in the chest. And he didn’t! So that’s good.


Then I got offered a bola, or free ride, on a horse with some random dude and I would’ve said yes if I hadn’t been terrified to try to jump on the back of that horse without any help, fearing the embarrassment that was sure to come. Also, I wondered if he might murder me so I just waved him off. Nice guy though.


Then I thought I’d like to sit on the nice rock cliff on the side of the road so I warily made my way up and sat for a long while to write. Then I headed home and got back just as it started raining softly and spent the rainstorm tucked away in my aunt’s house chatting with two of my host mom’s sisters.


There are worse ways to pass a day! Didn’t get murdered once.